Fast and Furious: Vin Diesel e Dwayne Johnson ricordano il compleanno di Paul Walker

Fast and Furious: Vin Diesel e Dwayne Johnson ricordano il compleanno di Paul Walker

Ieri Paul Walker avrebbe compiuto 46 anni e in questa giornata speciale diversi amici e colleghi dell'attore hanno voluto tributargli un omaggio sui social per ricordare il suo compleanno. Non sono mancati i messaggi dei colleghi di Fast and Furious, tra cui Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Justin Lin e la figlia di Walker, Meadow.

Paul Walker scomparve tragicamente nel novembre 2013 in seguito ad un incidente automobilistico, nel quale perse la vita anche l'amico Roger Rodas.
Dwayne Johnson ha scritto un messaggio accorato a Walker, corredato da una foto insieme all'amico:"Qualcosa oggi mi ha costretto a ricordare in modo commovente quanto sia fragile la vita di tutti noi. Oggi è il compleanno di Paul e giustamente la sua eredità è celebrata in tutto il mondo. La nostra amicizia è stata legata alle due nostre figlie, Meadow e Simone, l'orgoglio e la protezione che abbiamo nei loro confronti in quanto padri. E di recente ho quasi perso un altro amico sulla strada. Tutta questa roba mi ha fatto pensare a quanto sia bella ma incredibilmente imprevedibile la vita".

Un lungo messaggio anche quello riservato da Vin Diesel all'amico, concluso con la frase:"Buon compleanno...è fantastico ma in qualche modo continui a rendere il mondo un posto migliore".
In calce alla news trovate altri messaggi condivisi sui social da parte di amici e colleghi come Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris e Jordana Brewster.
Paul Walker è noto soprattutto per il ruolo di Brian O'Conner nel franchise di Fast and Furious. Ha recitato anche in film come Kiss Me, The Skulls - I teschi e Varsity Blues. A fine agosto Vin Diesel e Cody Walker avevano scritto sui social che Brian sarebbe potuto tornare nel nono film, nel quale ci sarà anche Michael Rooker nel cast.

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So much to tell you... so much to share... as you know, we have been filming in Scotland. We threw a party for the crew last night in appreciation for all of their hard work. It was one of those moments that so often in the past we were together smiling and getting everyone drunk, especially Justin. Haha. Who by the way would make you so proud with what he is accomplishing with this film. Nathalie was there, in her loving spirit. Oh, and John Cena was there, who you would just love. His gratitude is palpable... and knowing you, you would just want him to win. This week the studio came to meet about the next chapter, your ears were ringing again. You would have gotten a kick out of the fact that we met in a chapel. It was profound... normally today I would be planning how to embarrass you with a birthday cake. Haha. Instead I reflect on how lucky I am to call you my brother. The tears never go away, but they change... from that of mourning to that of grace. We only hope to make you proud. Speaking of which, guess what message I woke up to... your daughter. Meadow sending me love on this day. Wow, she knows me so well. She has your heart. Happy birthday... it’s amazing, but somehow you continue to make the world a better place.

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I never post about my friend. Personal thing, but I prefer to keep our memories and bond private and quiet. But something about today compelled me as a moving reminder of how fragile life is for all of us. It’s Paul’s birthday and rightfully so, his legacy celebrated around the world. Our friendship was bonded over our daughters, Meadow & Simone and the pride and protection we took being their fathers. And recently, I got a scare when I almost lost another friend on the road. All this stuff got me thinking about how beautiful, yet wildly unpredictable life is. We never know what’s around the corner, so we gotta live as greatly as we can in the honor of our loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us. Manuia le aso fanau, my friend. #livegreatly #pw

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happy birthday to the loveliest soul I’ll ever know

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