Chadwick Boseman Forever: ecco come vari artisti hanno immortalato Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman Forever: ecco come vari artisti hanno immortalato Black Panther

La notizia della morte di Chadwick Boseman ha lasciato tutti senza parole. Per tale ragione artisti da ogni angolo del mondo hanno deciso di onorare con le proprie opere la star di Black Panther.

Si tratta di omaggi che lasciano praticamente senza parole e, sembra impossibile restare indifferenti di fronte a simili immagini che potete vedere di seguito. Di grande impatto è la dedica di Bosslogic corredata da una sentita didascalia in cui riconosce a Boseman anche parte della sua notorietà.

"Chadwick incarnava un supereroe anche nella vita reale, è riuscito a superare le vette più alte della sua carriera di attore malato com'era, sapendo fin troppo bene che il suo tempo con noi e con i suoi cari sarebbe stato probabilmente ostacolato. Ha fatto tutto questo con il cuore di un guerriero e sempre con quel sorriso gentile che poteva illuminare una stanza. Quello che molte persone non sanno di me è che Chadwick è stato uno dei primi nell'universo Marvel, per non parlare dell'industria dell'intrattenimento a promuovere e mostrare amore per le mie opere, ha giocato un ruolo importante nell'aiutare il mio lavoro a raggiungere il massimo. Grazie a lui ho potuto collaborare con la Marvel in Endgame".

Ricordiamo che anche molti altri colleghi del mondo dello spettacolo e del cinema hanno omaggiato con parole strazianti l'interprete di Black Panther che è divenuto il cinecomic più visto degli ultimi tempi.

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Woke up in good spirits today, with plans to go for a walk and knock out some work, but, much like a lot of times in life, my day got thrown a huge, heartbreaking curveball. Today, we lost a gem of a human being. There's times in life where certain people's highs and their passings just feel so much closer to home, though you have never actually met them in person. Chadwick was one of those people to me. Chadwick embodied a real life superhero, to go through those highest of highs in his acting career as sick as he was, knowing all too well that his time with us and with his loved ones would likely be hampered just immediately brings the phrase "He gave us his all and more." to mind He did all that with the heart of a warrior and always with that gracious smile that could light up a room. What a lot of people don't know about me is, Chadwick was one of the first in the Marvel universe, let alone the entertainment industry to promote and show love to my works, he played a big hand in helping my work reach the higher ups at Marvel, which ultimately landed me the gig with Endgame. I made promise to do him proud on Black Panther 2, I'm eternally thankful but now just thinking about that movie hurts, it likely will for a while yet. It's day such as today that make you take a step back and reflect, life is ever so fleeting. Spend what valuable time we have with the ones we love, not chasing the ones that won't remember us when we're gone. I don't enjoy swearing much, but fuck cancer. My condolences to everyone who lost someone due to it and all the strength in the world to the ones battling it. Rest in power, King. 👑🖤 Just realised this lands on Jack Kirbys birthday he co-created Black Panther

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Throughout this entire train wreck of a year, I’ve been saying “man, I really just wish I could go back to how I felt while watching the Black Panther for the first time”. The overwhelming collective feeling of pride, joy, astonishment, and LOVE for the film, the cast, and for black people as a whole. Seeing an honorable black hero, who genuinely wanted to do what was right. A hero who had to question the traditions of his own nation in order to do so. It’s such a poignant feeling to reflect back on, especially now knowing that Chadwick Boseman was battling cancer while he was smashing through those glass ceilings. It’s both heartbreaking and so incredibly inspiring. I’d already planned to draw him this year, but I really wish I’d gotten around to it sooner, so it wouldn’t have been under these circumstances. It feels like so much of my art is, in many ways, documenting the grief we’ve been experiencing this year. Just more to add to the infamy of 2020. - Your debonair and natural elegance made millions of black people feel so proud to exist in our own skin just by watching you on screen. Wakanda might not be a real place, but you made us feel like we were all a part of it nonetheless. Thank you, King. Wakanda forever 🤎 - Song: Black Panther - @kendricklamar - #chadwickboseman #tchalla #blackpanther #marker #art #drawing #portrait #mixedmedia #wakandaforever #blackart #blackartist #artistsoninstagram #chartpak #posca #copic #prismacolor #moleskine

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